Lagos Waka: Art Gallery Hunt

Hey Guys…!

It’s been soooo long since I wrote a blogpost.

Between moving in permanently into Lagos and starting a new career in Interior Design, balancing out other important areas of my life has been a challenge.

I realized that I had to actively and intentionally make extra efforts to make time for the things I value, to live the quality of life that I want to.

In due course, I decided to go on a gallery hunt in Lagos. I had previously heard about a few galleries, and I’ve been keen on visiting as much as I can.

I set out on a Saturday with my sisters to start the hunt and visited two of the galleries I had already heard about:

Red Door Art Gallery:



This was the first gallery I visited, it was recommended to me by my sister. She visited once in the past for an Art exhibition by Bemy Oda and liked the general ambiance of the place and the artworks exhibited.




On arrival, we were welcomed by a staff who gave us a mini lecture about the gallery. She mentioned that there’s an exhibition about 4 times in a year and the space is also used regularly for other events.




There was a variety of creative hand crafted artworks and sculptors exhibited, and not just wall art paintings. The exhibition that got my attention the most was “Higher Horses” by Peju Alatise. I found it really spooky at first, but after spending about ten minutes staring at it, I started to wonder how it was even possible for the human mind to bear such creativity. I had to check out other artworks by the Artist and she has become my favourite Nigerian Artist.



I also noticed that every artwork comes with a price tag, so you can easily decide what you can afford and what nots. I didn’t end up buying any of the artworks though but there were a few that I would have been happy to own.



Art Twenty One Gallery:

The pictures I’d previously seen on social media of this gallery didn’t even do justice to how it really looks. I’m of the opinion that an art gallery shouldn’t only exhibit amazing artworks but should be an amazing artwork in itself.



The Art twenty one Gallery’s simple and clean design, combined the vastness of the space gives it an impeccable ambiance.




I had already seen a few months back that there had been an exhibition at the gallery by an amazing Artist, Olu Amoda, titled Index Season ii. On arrival, the staff informed me that his artworks were still being exhibited and I was happy I was finally going to see them.



The idea of turning waste and organic materials into art is so intriguing. There was a particular artwork that amazed me the most, the Artist repurposed welded nails, using them to create a wall art.




The “naked women” action going on in the paintings, I can’t explain though! Lol. The Artist is splendid with his hands and his brushes nonetheless. I did not really have better explanations of the artworks but I hope to be in his next exhibition.




Subsequently, I hope to visit more Art Galleries in Lagos, as I still have a few on my list to cross out and I would like to attend Art Exhibitions of my favorite Nigerian Artists to get a better understanding of their artworks.

I would also love to know get recommendations of Art Galleries that I could visit in Lagos if you know any, and I encourage you to check out the Art Galleries in Lagos if you are an Enthusiast!


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