Lagos Waka: Picnic & Tour of Lufasi Nature Park

I visited Lufasi Park a few weeks back for a picnic organized by Tripzapp for members of the community. I had a friend visiting Nigeria for the first time and it was just one of my ways of helping him visit places, meet more Nigerians and make friends. Also, I’d read about the park but not in details, so I was definitely interested in checking it out.

The park is located on Km41 Lekki-Epe express way, Abijo Lagos & we had no problems finding it with the help of Google Maps. We got in, found ourselves a spot in the picnic area and paid an entrance fee of one thousand naira (NGN1,000.00)  per visitor. The park was packed full of visitors in so many groups.

We brought our own food and drinks, so apparently that’s allowed and I don’t recall noticing any food vendors in the premises. We started out with eating, getting aquainted & general coversations.

Credit: Tripzapp
Credit: Tripzapp

Fast forward about 3 hours later, filled up bellies and plenty adult talk, we were ready for our tour of the park and a guide was assigned to take us.



Basically, LUFASI means Lekki Urban Forest Animal Sanctuary Initiative and is a nature park great for picnics, outdoor activities and has a playground for kids. Also, it houses some of the last population of the threatened Ekki “iron wood” trees, and a few animals.


The tour lasted about an hour. We walked into the forest, were shown Ducks and their pond, a Turtle, a Parrot and Hyenas. We were also introduced to the Monkeys, which were the most dramatic of all, jumping from one person to another. We were told that some of the Monkeys are talented and one of them is even a Make Up Artist (we didn’t get proof though).





We also saw a display of paintings by an Artist who was present there, an area meant for martial art, a Lake with a little Island and finally, we walked further into the forest to see the Ekki trees, which was the farthest stop.




There was a Nollywood movie being filmed at the park and we stopped by to, welp, watch and try to understand the plot of the movie (don’t think anyone succeeded though). I guess all we have to do is wait and watch out for the movie Lol!




Credit: Tripzapp

Visiting Lufasi park was quite fun but mostly because of the people I went with, so I’d advice going with friends or any social group for a picnic, and taking a tour afterwards.

Found this pretty wall

If you’ve ever visited Lufasi Nature Park, I’d like to read your experience through your comments. Also, I’d like to learn of more parks within or surrounding Lagos that can be fun to visit, maybe we could do more picnics on boring Saturdays 😉


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