Tutorial: Aztec Inspired Washi Tape Wall Art

Guysssss! I’m so excited to share this post. Even though it’s a deviation from the norm here, I absolutely love DIY Arts and Crafts as well.

Being crafty and able to recreate crafts is a part of me I discovered a long time ago and sometime last year I decided to take advantage of this gift and use it to create beautiful and functional objects, create wall designs and transform everyday objects into unexpected work of art.

I have since then made a few storage pieces and tiny wall arts that I didn’t find necessary to share, I’ve also made beautiful bigger wall arts that I’ve shared on my Instagram. You aren’t following me on Instagram? Why not? Follow me here!

I decided to share a tutorial on this because it was loved by so many and a few people asked for details. Firstly, this washi tape wall art wasn’t totally my idea but rather a recreation of something similar I saw and loved. I used the materials I had available at home to recreate it in just 30minutes. (Ps: I didn’t think I would share this so I didn’t take good pictures, please bear).

Materials you need:
1. Washi Tape (in any colour you desire). I believe any other tape that holds well and looks good should work too.
2. Ruler for measurement.
3. Pencil
4. Cardboard paper
5. Scissors and razor blade.


That’s all! Shocking?

Steps to Recreate:
1. You need to be good at taking measurements and good with your angles to recreate this design, as it is with a lot of craft making anyways. Start by finding a clean wall of course. Measure out the size on the wall, depending on how large or small you want it to be. Start first with the longest line as can be seen in the pictures. I had average space so I worked with 27 inches on the longest line but you can work with more or less.


2. Mark out the measured space with just a tiny pencil mark on opposite ends then go ahead and apply the tape from one end to the other. I’d advice you leave out an extra inch of tape beyond the mark to help with accuracy but make sure you know where your mark stops.

3. Measure and mark out the next step that’s convenient for you. I chose the polygon in the middle, measured and marked, then proceeded to the small triangles above and below. Make sure you use equal measurements for similar shapes that are on opposite sides. Your measurements must correspond, else your design would end up looking unbalanced.


4. In creating the triangles, polygons and the sides with sharp angles, I measured and cut out triangular stencils from my cardboard paper, using a scissors. I used these stencils to mark out my angles just so my measurements can be equal and completely accurate. I advice you do the same as it made it so much easier for me. You’d find that working your way to the finish would become easier by the steps.


5. What’s left is for you to carefully trim out the extra inch of tape you left out, using a razor blade, without damaging the wall or your design. This makes your work look neater and much more defined and voila! Your design is completely ready.



If you’re feeling very brave and creative then you should try recreating this design in another shape, I’d definitely want to see someone try that. I hope I can share more of the things I create here. Let me know through your comments if you love this design and if you’d be willing to try it.

Thanks for reading!

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