Away in Abuja

The decision to visit Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria was made on a whim just two days before I made the trip. There’s something oddly exciting and satisfying about spontaneous trips. Not having sleepless nights from planing a trip, just showing up and going with the flow.

I had visited the city twice in past years but never got the opportunity to explore because of the insurgency that affected the city at the time. So, my excitement was at it’s peak as I was ready to digest the whole city, one activity at a time. Luckily I had good hosts and also a few friends who felt inclined to show me around.

Basically, I visited quite a number of places and I’m not even done with Abuja yet, i’d definitely be back soon!

MagicLand Park


This was the highlight of my trip and it felt like I saved the best for the last as I visited here on my last full day in Abuja. I spent about 4hours at the park with two friends, running from one ride to another, not even feeling the time pass by because I absolutely love playing!












 Been dreaming about riding a rodeo bull for so long and I finally did at the arcade in the park. A first for me and checked off my list!

Jabi Lake Mall


My intention initially, was to visit Jabi Lake park which is a park by the lakeside. I had already spent half my day running around and arrived the park by evening. When I called friends to meet me up, I was advised that it would not be so covenient to be in the premises at late hours because there was no form of security, no entrance fees, no proper management and so I could possibly be harrased by beggars or hoodlums. So I left the park and headed for Jabi Lake Mall which is located on another side of the lake.



Jabi lake mall, deriving it’s name from its location at the waterfront of Jabi lake, is a large mall and there are various food vendours at the lakeside of the mall with sit outs where you can eat and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. I met with friends and we stayed out there until about 9pm.


Processed with Snapseed.

Abuja is a city that’s alive at night in most zones. It is easy to find a supermarket or pharmacy open at midnight as it is to find suya in the streets at daytime Lol! I visited a few cafés including Beer Barn, Charcoal Lounge, Dreams Bar, Crush café and others I don’t remember their names to have drinks after long days and they all served great food too.


I did not particularly explore the food but I made sure to overdose on suya.

Art Galleries/Market


I discovered before I went into Abuja, a number of galleries and I visited two of them; Thoughts Pyramid Art Center and Nike Art Center. I also visited the Abuja Arts and craft Village as I’d heard so much about it and did not want to leave without picking a few pieces for myself before leaving the city. I blogged about these places in detail on this post.



I can’t stress how much I love cities that are calm and Abuja did it for me! I’m not the one who would forfeit a calm city to live in a chaotic one unless it is completely unavoidable. No wonder most people who live there can’t even deal with the chaotic lifestyle in Lagos Lol!


  • Jabi lake mall is located on Bala Sokoto way, Abuja and the lakeside is easily accesible by walking in through the mall and finding any of the exit doors to the back.
  • Magicland park, formerly known as wonderland park is located along the airport road, just by the city gate and entrance to the park costs N300 & N600 for a free ride inclusive. They are open everyday from morning till about 8pm. A lot of food vendors are available as well.
  • Moving around can be done easily by public transport (Taxi, Keke or Okada depending on the area). Also, Uber works fine and is relatively cheap compared to Uber prices in Lagos. I used Uber for most of my movements and the rest were by friends when they were free to take me around.

I’d like to read your own stories and suggestions on this city, whether you visited as well or you live there. What new things have you tried lately?

I loved having you read this post, I do hope you stick around and check previous posts.


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