A park around the corner; Part 1. 

I get to be in this city for a while. Why not play tourist??

My best friend came visiting Ibadan from Lagos for a week. I had not been in this city long enough to know the best places but it was fine, cause how better to explore a new city, right?

I already heard about Agodi park and Gardens from a friend (thanks Bukky!), and as soon as I saw pictures, I decided it was a destination. 


I visited on a weekday with my best friend, Engee and my sister, Phidelia. We paid an entry fee of N500 at the gate because we were visiting just the garden and zoo. There’s an extra charge of N500 for access to the water park. It was a cold day, so even though we knew there was a water park, we didn’t plan swimming.

The place was serene and so beautiful, with a lot of colors. Soon as we got in, Engee and Phidelia couldn’t even wait to walk in 10 steps before they started taking pictures and snapchatting. Who am I to resist??



There were signboards around that pretty much directed us to whichever area we wanted to get to. Basically, the Park has a lake, a playground for kids, a forest walkway, a water park, a zoo and restaurants/food vendor stands where you can get food, snacks and drinks.

We headed straight for the lake cause well, it was super attractive. We enjoyed the view for a bit, took pictures, then left to take a walk through the forest walkway (Bliss!)









After all the walking and picture taking, we were tired and hungry and we stopped for food. We made orders for noodles, because that was the only food available (we were told it was because it was a weekday and there was less traffic), then we bought loads and loads of amazing suya to go with it (ah! God bless that aboki!), and soft drinks.

After eating, we felt exhausted but we just had to see the zoo! Compared to the other areas of the park, I was really disappointed with what I saw in the zoo, it was a mess to be honest. Badly littered, and clearly under managed. Then we saw a sign that said the place was still under construction, hence, the mess. We went in to have a look anyways. The zoo housed just a few animals and sadly, I couldn’t get any good pictures because of the bad state. We left the zoo after a while and took even more pictures.





The park is a beautiful place to relax and have picnics with family and friends, but in my opinion, there should be more fun activities to do here, to attract more tourists, and also, more food vendors. I actually wished I went there on a hot day, imagine what it would have felt like relaxing and taking a dive into cool water after all that walking around (jokes! I can’t even swim to save my life!). Never too late though, I still plan on going back for the water park, can’t wait to spend time there and I’d definitely share with you guys! 

Aerial view of the water park via Instagram

I would love to know your thoughts about this park. Have you been here before? Is there an activity you indulged in here that I didn’t? And if you’re ever in Ibadan, would this be a destination for you?

Your opinions are always welcome…


  1. I saw my little sisters snap chat of this place , seems like she was having the time of her life taking dives in the pool , I love the trees and the serene environment , wondering if its the same place on your snap last week , if yes , i would definitely love to visit , they need to take proper care for their animals by the way. Nice job Shof


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