A Journey Begins..

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

— H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Hello Guys, welcome to my blog. This is officially my first post which I’m supposed to be talking about myself right? and honestly, I suck at talking about myself! I find it weird that some people can easily say a thousand words about themselves and whenever I meet a person for the first time and they go on and on and on and on… about themselves (Bravo!), it is the most intriguing thing to me.

On the contrary, when it comes to talking about experiences and adventures, this girl can talk for days…. I constantly have to check to make sure I’m not boring my listener with too much talk and details (which includes showing off pictures and videos ooo!) and most times I have to consciously cut myself short.

Anyhoo, difficult as it may be, this is the much I can tell you about myself:

Growing up, I did not do so much traveling, just a few family trips that did not include touring of any kind. I’d always known I was interested in Fashion and at a point I thought I would go to fashion school and become Nigeria’s biggest designer one day. But I’ve discovered that Human beings evolve constantly and we discover new things about ourselves, I personally have been reborn a thousand times. With time, I’ve  taught myself to try new things all the time and I’ve recently developed a love for arts, crafts and creative design in general.

I discovered a deep feeling of restlessness a while back, I always wanted to be somewhere, doing something adventurous. And sometime in  2014, it hit me! I was in love with being in new places. It wasn’t just about being there, it was about exploring new cultures, foods, hearing stories I would never hear back where I live. The highlight was this one time on a trip to the UAE with my family, My Dad being an adventure lover planned the whole trip making sure we visited a new place everyday, and we went to as much famous tourist attractions and historic sites as we could. At this point, I knew how much travelling could be so fulfilling to me, and ever since I’ve had a yearning to be somewhere else, somewhere new. I make mental notes of cities I’ld love to visit a thousand times in a day.

So Join me as I make my journey of visiting and exploring new places, and in the course of time, travelling the world (yes! I’d look back one day and say I told you so). I hope you enjoy every bit of experience, and I can inspire you too to become a wanderer.

PS: I would also use this platform as a medium to share other things I have a passion for, from interior designs to DIY Arts and Craft. I hope you’ll love them!

How much do you explore, even if it didn’t need any traveling? How much do you travel and would you love to travel? Let me know if you’ve had an awakening like mine, who knows? We could be Nomads together, Lol!



  1. YeAhh, I’ve never really thought much of it(traveling). But For so long now I’ve had to listen to you go on😂 about these amazing adventures! So yeah, lets be Nomads together ❤️ Ps: I was never bored listening. Oh and amazing first article😁


  2. wow! this is great who knew you could write so well lol…so those times you wander off while sited in class, you probably on a magical tour in ur head huh? now I know lol…good Job the piece is top notch. maybe you av inspired the nomadic adventurer in me and just maybe someday we get to do some travelling together and I get to learn new stuffs…finally got one over me huh?


  3. This piece is really fascinating! Constructive words used and you nailed it! Thumbs up dear!!
    Wandering around and having a lust to do so? (lol) when you could play tourist!! This not a critique of the piece, you know I ❤ you in your words!


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